The Red Thread

Once our eyes have been opened we can't pretend that
we don't know what to do; for God who weighs our hearts and keeps our souls
knows that we know and holds us responsible to act. Proverbs

Sunday, December 21, 2014

Ansley's Big Day

After years of hard work and very intense evaluations Ansley finally earned her pointe shoes.  Friday instead of regular ballet class Ansley and her teacher went pointe shoes fitting.  Ansley was so excited.  I can not express how proud I am of my daughter.  She told me when she was 3 years old that she wanted to dance on pointe shoes.  Today she achieved that goal.  Way to go Ansley!

I am so thankful that her teacher came with us. ( Stefani  Schrimpf from Kansas School of Classical Ballet, you rock).   It was much more involved then I would ever have thought.   I should have guessed that Ansley would be a difficult one to fit.  She has very small and strong feet.  After 2 hours of trying and trying to find the perfect shoe....She finally did it! I now know how the "Grand Duke" in Cinderella felt.   She literally tried on every shoe in the shop.   You should have seen the look of terror come over Ansley's face when thought she would not get her shoes today, but would have to special order them.  The fitter was getting so frustrated with it.  But perseverance pays off.  So here they are...

 let the trying on begin

 Oh good, they like this pair


very very happy

Ansley and her friend Madi both earned their shoes!

Ansley, Mom and Dad are so very proud of your determination and hard work.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Documents In Haiti

On Thursday, September 18 we were informed our dossier was sent to Haiti which means it will arrive in Haiti this week.  The documents will be authenticated by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs which takes about three days.  Once this happens we hopefully get registered with IBESR (Haitian Social Services).

I have no idea what all of this means other than the waiting will continue!  Adoption does require patience.

A month or so ago our agency said our dossier would not be sent to Haiti until October due to some delays with Haiti and their process.  So this is a positive step to have it sent ahead of schedule!

Lets hope this continues in the coming months........

Sunday, September 7, 2014

A Big Thank You

We just wanted to say "thank you" to everyone who helped us with our first fundraiser for this adoption.  We were awarded a matching grant from Hand in Hand and were able to reach our goal of $7000.00   We are well on our way to bringing our children home.

Our dossier is in a holding point.  We are just waiting for our agency to send it to Haiti and they anticipate sending it in October.  The hold up is due to changes in Haiti's adoption policy.  After our dossier is sent we are hoping to receive a match early next year.  We will keep you updated as soon as we here anything.

For those of you who are new to our adoption blog we encourage you to start at the beginning.  We started the blog about five years ago when we started the process with our first adoption of Iris.  We then decided to adopt another child from China, Owen.

We will start posting more as we hit milestones and recieve more information.  As we get closer and hopefully get matched there will be much more activity on the blog.

Also, the blog name does not seem as good now since we are adopting from Haiti.  Too late to change it now!

Below are a few of our favorite photos of the kids from years past.
Elliot at about 2 years old and his drink of choice.

Ansley at about 18 months.  The addiction started early for her as well.

Iris at 2 years old.  This photo was taken the first week in Wuhan, China with her.

Owen at 2 years old.  Lots of hair, still!

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Big Week for Owen

It was a big week for Big O.  He was baptized on Sunday, August 31, 2014 and also started pre-school this week.  He was so excited (and handsome) for his baptism and being the center of attention.

The Baptism Went Well

"He Is So Cute"

Family Photo

Owen with His Godmother (Aunt Jennifer) and Pastor Nick
Owen also started pre-school this week and did a great job.  Dad dropped him off on the first day and was very proud that Owen had no problems.  Mom picked him up after school and the teachers said he did great.  They also continued with the "he is so cute" motto that seems to follow him where ever he goes!
Owen's 1st Day of PreSchool

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Change is hard

First Day of School 2014

Today was the first day of school for A, E, & I.  All three started at new schools and it was a tough day for mom and dad.  The kids have all gone to a wonderful classical Christian school and it was a very tough decision for them not to go back this year.  It was truly like leaving a family.   But life happens and we move on and make the best of it.

Elliot, Ansley, Big O, Iris
Ansley started 7th grade and it was a tearful departure dropping her off at that giant school.  Ansley has had 10-12 people in her class for seven years (250 students from K-12) and now she attends a school of 7th and 8th grades with 800 students, culture shock!  Mom and dad drove home with tears and lumps in our throats.  We worried all day long hoping no one was being mean to her.  Finally school was out and she had a great first day.  She loves it!  Hopefully this will continue and she will have a great year.

Elliot and Iris are going to school together and both had good first days.

As you can tell they all love not having to wear a uniform.  Mom is not so sure, time will tell.  Elliot is excited that he doesn't need to get a hair cut.  He says he is going to let it grow long.  We will see about that.  I may sneak in while he sleeps and trim it.  All in all it was a good first day.  We would love your prayers for continued success and protection.

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Please Help!

We are in fund raising mode and want to ask everyone to help.  We have been awarded a matching grant from Hand in Hand Christian Adoption.  Basically we need to raise $3,500.00 and they will match that amount and pay expenses directly to the adoption agency.  Hand in Hand has been awesome with our first two adoptions and they are helping out again.  So, we going to be sending out letters asking all of our friends, family, and anyone else we can think of to generously donate to the next Chambers child(s).

If anyone has other fund raising ideas we are open to all suggestions.  This adoption will be more of a challenge for us than the first two.  Basically life happens and we will need to raise most of the money for this adoption(s).  And to add to the challenge, we are approved for a sibling group of two which will add about $15,000.00 for the second child bringing the total to approximately $45,000.00.   We have paid a little over $6,000.00 so far but this leaves us with a long way to go.......  Melissa continues to be very confident that "God will provide for us".

Now to the fun stuff.  Here are some photos from our summer so far.  We took a road trip to Traverse City, Michigan to celebrate Uncle Jake's 50th birthday.  Had a great and very relaxing week.  Long drive in car but we had a lot of fun with the family. We rented a few cabins on Lake Leelanau.  
Iris enjoying the COLD water of Lake Michigan.

Elliot - Standing in the clear water of Lake Leelanau

Ansley teaching Iris how to row.

Brothers just being boys!
Awesome Sunset
Aunt Sue, Ansley, Melissa, Aunt Jennifer, Grandma Lucille

Ansley with a sweater on the beach?

Owen loved the sand!

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Gotcha Day for Iris - 4 years Later

This week, June 11, 2014 we celebrated Iris's Gotcha Day.  It is four years later and she still continues to surprise us, bless us, and love us.  She has brought unimaginable joy and love to our family.  Tonight at our celebration dinner at Schlotzsky's we played family trivia (Melissa and I ask questions about the family and the kids love guessing who we are talking about) and Iris and Owen started asking questions about when they were born.  Melissa explained how God blessed our family by taking us all the way to China to pick up two special kids to join our family.  The kids also love watching their videos and asking lots of questions about the pictures.  So as I type the family is watching the videos and asking Mom questions about each picture.  Brings back memories and reminds me how awesome adoption is!
Melissa & Iris
So now I will bring you all up to speed on the Chambers family.  School is out and we are getting into the summer routine.  Iris and Elliot are taking summer school a few days a week (Iris loves it, Elliot hates it).  Another two weeks and it will be over.  Iris is doing very well in school (her biggest challenge is just sitting still and being quite).  She will be starting 1st grade in the fall and we are hoping she can handle the work as they start a lot of reading in 1st grade.  Her challenge will be keeping up with the reading as it takes her a little longer to read and it is a lot of work for her to focus.

Owen will start pre-school this fall a few days each week.  He is truly an amazing little boy.  The medical issues seem to be behind us (other than the bills) and you would never know he ever had any issues (unless he takes his shirt off to see the scars).  Owens personality is simply awesome!  His brother and sisters all love playing with him.  Owen started ballet this spring and may be the next great performer.  Ansley takes ballet 3 days each week so Owen has spent a lot of time watching and practicing.  We asked if he wanted to take a class and he loves it!
"Big O"
Elliot is going to be in 3rd grade!  Wow, seems like yesterday he was about 2 years old.  Elliot had a little accident with a window and ended up getting 6 stitches in his hand this week.  He is so proud of his battle scar!  
"Wounded Elliot"
Ansley is now less than a year away from being a teenager!  NO!  Ansley is such a joy and is just easy to parent.  Ansley is learning to sew (thanks Aunt Sue) and she loves it.  She has produced a pair of mittens and a shirt so far.  Santa brought Ansley a sewing machine for Christmas and loves having Aunt Sue as a teacher.
In other big news we completed our home study a few weeks ago and are trying to come up with the money needed to send our documents to Haiti!  Yes, we are adopting again.  We are approved for a sibling group so we might be adding two more of God's children to the family.  We are going to have to also buy a bigger van!  Please pray for funds!